Open House Fundraisers

Several times a year, Jeanne B’s Boutique supports a local charity or non-profit organization, by hosting an Open House Fundraiser.  These events are open to the public and advertised, when possible, in The Gazette and on various social media platforms.  The fundraiser lasts from open to close, the entire business day, and then 10% of sales are donated to the chosen organization.

In 2017, Jeanne B’s Boutique held Open House Fundraisers for Discover Goodwill Colorado Springs, The Springs Rescue Mission, and Food for the Poor.

If you have an organization that you’d like to be considered for an Open House Fundraiser, please contact us by filling out the form below.  Each Open House Fundraiser is determined by Jeanne B. herself, and requests are not guaranteed a fundraiser.

Open House Fundraiser Request