Jeanne B’s Boutique supports several local non-profit organizations within the community by hosting private shopping events and then donating 10% of the proceeds back to these local organizations.  We also support The Women’s Resource Exchange, CASA and The Hanger by donating thousands of pieces of unsold clothing to help women who cannot afford new clothes every year.


Jeanne B’s Boutique Sponsors Lunch at The Marian House Soup Kitchen on December 6th, 2017

Jeanne B’s Boutique not only donated the funds for the meal served on December 6th, 2017, but Jeanne and her team also worked the serving line all day, handing out over 550 meals to men, women, and families.  This was truly Jeanne’s favorite community outreach experience, and she hopes to do it again.  Sharing our time, talent, and treasure with those less fortunate on the streets of Colorado Springs was such a gift for the team and showed us the true spirit of Christmas!

Jeanne B’s Boutique Gives Back to Goodwill

 On Sunday, August 27th, 2017, Jeanne B’s Boutique held an Open House Fundraiser for Discover Goodwill of Colorado Springs, at which 10% of all proceeds were donated to Goodwill.  The turnout was amazing and Jeanne B’s was able to send Goodwill a check for $400.   Cacao Chemistry and The Blue Star Steakhouse also joined in the support, providing appetizers and handmade chocolates. What a fun day, giving back to the Colorado Springs Community!

National Charity League Fashion Show and Fall Tea
October 29, 2017

 Jeanne B’s Boutique supports The National Charity League Fashion Show and Tea.  The Colorado Springs National Charity League has a Fall Tea every year, at which the senior class puts on a fashion show, modeling clothing from the local vendor of their choice.  This year, Jeanne B’s Boutique, was their choice and we were honored to outfit 22 beautiful girls!  Additionally, if the girls purchased their outfits, Jeanne B’s donated 10% of their purchases to a charity of their choice.  The girls chose to donate their 10% to The Women’s Resource Agency, a local organization that empowers women who have been battered and are working their way out of very difficult situations.