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At Jeanne B’s Boutique, it is our daily mission to inspire and encourage all women to LOVE who they are – inside and out! By helping women feel good about themselves on the outside, through our wide variety of amazing fashions and our warm, personalized service, we ultimately strive to help women see the depth of their inner beauty – that which lies beyond the mirror, and within the heart, mind, and spirit.

We truly believe that every woman is uniquely beautiful, regardless of age, shape, or skin tone, and that fashion is more about finding your specific style, than wearing the latest trend.

We are so excited to serve the women of this community and look forward to having lots of FUN with our fashions!



With over 2,000 square feet of space, Jeanne B’s Boutique rivals at being the largest, locally owned, female retail boutique in central and northern Colorado Springs.  Located in University Village Colorado shopping center, we offer

  • FREE, easily accessible parking, so our guests don’t have to pay a meter like they do when visiting our competitors downtown, in Old Colorado City or Manitou Springs.
  • Occupying our own free-standing building, that is beautifully constructed with three full walls of windows, our interior space offers natural lighting that is unparalleled.
  • Our dressing rooms, as well as our restroom, are oversized and handicap accessible, well-lit, and well maintained, with personal care items such as perfume and hand lotion.
  • Finally, we are the only family-owned women’s boutique in Colorado Springs that has acquired a legal liquor license, allowing us to serve wine or beer for our clients’ when hosting private events.


Personalized Hospitality and Service:

At Jeanne B’s Boutique, hospitality is priority one, with our guests being greeted within the first three seconds that they enter our doors.  We serve personally baked goodies daily, along with a wide variety of beverages, and keep a clean collection of children’s toys on hand, to help our guests with their young children.  We make personal phone calls to our guests on a regular basis, letting them know when their special orders or favorite vendors have arrived.  We send handwritten thank you cards to every customer who spends over $300, and send out a weekly newsletter, informing clients of what’s new at the boutique each week.


Employee Culture:

Our employees are treated more like family than like staff, and turnover is very low, at roughly 25% since opening in 2013.  They are NOT paid on commission to avoid team-fracturing competition, but are instead rewarded as a team when goals are met or exceeded.


Community Presence:

Jeanne B’s Boutique supports several local non-profit organizations within the community by hosting private shopping events and then donating 10% of the proceeds back to these local organizations.  We also support The Women’s Resource Exchange, CASA and The Hanger by donating thousands of pieces of unsold clothing to help women who cannot afford new clothes every year.